The Incredible

Toy Company


Inspiring Toys and 

Unbeatable Service


Where imaginations grow


3411 Hwy 321S 

Between Boone

& Blowing Rock




to visit our website


5 Reasons to Bring Your

Business to Watauga County


1. Location-Location-Location!

2.  Education Focus

3. Culture of Entrepreneurship

& Creativity

4. Outstanding Quality of Life

5. Hub of Northwestern NC


Watauga County Office of

Economic Development 

Take Your Business to

Higher Ground !


**U-pick Blueberries**

Old Orchard Creek is 

 NOW OPEN for the

2016 Picking Season


Old Orchard Creek is an

historic Appalachian mountain

farm located in the NC  High

Country. Our blueberries

are raised sustainably and

without  pesticides.

 Berries are available NOW. 

For directions  and pricing

go to:



Bald Guy Brew Coffee

Roasting Company


Our roasterie is located in

historic Valle Crucis with

retail shops in Boone,

Blowing Rock, and now at

5506 Beech Mtn Ski Resort.


Twitter: @baldguybrew



"So good it will make your tongue

slap the back of your brain!"



The 4 for $4 Meal Deal 

Just Got Bigger


Junior Bacon Cheeseburger  

or Crispy Chicken BLT


1016 Blowing Rock Rd, Boone

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Current Conditions

Temp: 80.4°F
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Jefferson , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 6:57AM

Hit and Miss

The atmosphere is juiced. Expect scattered showers and storms today through Sunday, primarily (but not limited to) the afternoon hours. It's just a matter of when, where, and how much; unfortunately, the precise details are unknowable. Thursday may become the most active of the set. A few heavy downpours are in play, especially today and Thursday. Daytime highs today remain uncomfortably warm but back off slightly tomorrow. Humidity levels remain lofty.

The Golf-O-Meter has temporarily become the Fest-O-Meter. RaysWeather.Com is the weather forecast partner of FloydFest, rated one of the best music festivals in the country. Floydfest happens today through Sunday (July 27-31), just south of Floyd, VA. For festival details see FloydFest.Com. For festival weather details, see the RaysWeather.Com Hour-by-Hour FloydFest Forecast.

The RWC Mobile App, the only weather app with real temperature data and custom forecasts for the Southern Appalachians. You need it... Android and Apple.


Hi: 85 Lo: 67

Mix of clouds & sunshine; Scattered showers & t-storms through early evening; Very warm & humid; Light SW wind

Hi: 81 Lo: 69

Partly to mostly cloudy; Scattered PM showers & t-storms; Warm & humid; SW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 80 Lo: 65

Intervals of clouds & sun; Scattered PM t-showers; Warm & humid; NW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 80 Lo: 64

Partly sunny; Scattered PM thunder; Warm & humid

Hi: 79 Lo: 64

Scattered clouds; Scattered PM t-showers

Further Out

Monday - Mix of clouds and sun; Widely scattered PM t-showers; High in the upper 70s; Low in the mid 60s
Tuesday - Partly sunny; Isolated PM t-showers; High near 80 degrees; Low in the mid 60s

Forecast Discussion

A weak front remains to our north, stretching from Virginia and West Virginia to Kentucky and on to Kansas. It fades off the map tomorrow. A weak tropical feature moves up the lower Mississippi River Valley (today) then heads across the Ohio River Valley to the DC area Friday. That arc is the perimeter of a Bermuda high extending into the Southeast.

Muggy air is just waiting for a subtle trigger to fire up showers and storms. The stage is set, but this is an impromptu theater. Scattered showers and storms will be with us today through Sunday, primarily during (but not limited to) the afternoons. Thursday might be the most active of the days with that tropical feature to our northwest. A heavy downpour is possible, especially today and Thursday.

Temperatures remain at their lofty daytime heights today but back off slightly beginning tomorrow. Muggy air will make things uncomfortable regardless.

Early next week a weak front makes progress in our direction and may pass through Tuesday. That will actually lower shower/storm coverage Monday and Tuesday.


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