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Current Conditions
Phillips Gap

Temp: 62.4°F
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Phillips Gap , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 5:46PM

More Clouds, Briefly Cooler

Increased cloud cover kept temperatures in check today and it will be a long time before it's this "cool" again. Due to the increased moisture I cannot rule out an stay shower tonight or some spotty light rain along the Blue Ridge. The same can be said into Thursday morning. The flow turns more westerly tomorrow afternoon and it becomes unseasonably warm again. The upcoming holiday weekend and official start to summer will feel exceptionally "official".

The 2020 Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar Photo Contest is underway. Come on... "hit us with your best shot" from America's Scenic Parkway! Submissions deadline is June 3, 2019.


Hi: 66 Lo: 57

Mostly cloudy; Isolated showers; Light SE wind

Hi: 81 Lo: 65

Partly sunny; Warm; Isolated daytime showers or t-showers; SW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 84 Lo: 66

Some afternoon cloudiness; Warm; Renegade afternoon t-shower possible; NW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 84 Lo: 65

Partly cloudy PM; Warm; Cannot completely rule out an isolated afternoon t-shower

Hi: 84 Lo: 66

Partly cloudy PM; Warm

Further Out

Monday - Afternoon cloudiness; Feeling like the beginning of summer; Isolated PM t-showers; High in the lower 80s; Low in the mid 60s
Tuesday - Afternoon cloud build-ups; You guessed it, warm with isolated afternoon t-showers; High in the lower 80s; Low in the mid 60s

Forecast Discussion

High pressure off the Virginia coast directs a subtle stream of Atlantic moisture our direction through Thursday morning. The result is a cloud-laden and cooler maritime flow. A shower or spotty light rain is not out of the question tonight and into Thursday.

The big weather story this weekend in the Southeast is the magnitude of heat coming our way. I think we'll stay shy of record setting warmth up here, but off the mountain it's what you will hear a lot about Friday through Memorial Day. A rogue afternoon shower or thundershower is possible pretty much each day. While it's nice to have a dry weekend we'll be ready for some cooling showers if/when they occur.

The upper heat ridge starts to flatten some early next week. This will open the door for disturbances in the westerly flow to encroach the region and bring us a "better" opportunity for showers. I've earmarked Monday and Tuesday for the occasion, but I won't get excited until we get closer in time. Either way as it stands now I don't see any significant wet weather in the next week.


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