Cornerstone Christian


CCF is a church family that

believes that God is alive and

He cares about you! Come see

what all the talk is about. We

are located 1/2 mile south of

Grandview Funeral Home at

1276 Grandview Dr. Everyone

is welcome & dress is casual.


The Women, Infants & Children

Program is a nutrition program

that helps familes stay healthy!



WIC provides acces to healthy

foods, nutrition education,

breasfeeding support, &

resources for familes.


To learn more about WIC

and eligibility requirements

Click Here or call:


Millsaps Trucking & Grading


Land Clearing & House Lots

Road Building & Excavation

Driveways, Gravel, Rock & Dirt


828 - 964 - 2761 


Sky Valley Zip Tours

Your Canopy Adventure Awaits


5 min. from Boone/Blowing Rock


 10 zip lines, a swinging bridge,

a cliff jump, and countless views


Click ad for reservations!


The Return -

A Tribute to the Beatles

July 30, 2020

The Walker Center

Wilkes Community College

Click for tickets 

or call 336-838-6260    

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Current Conditions

Temp: 22.5°F
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Warrensville , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 6:24PM

Thank You December

Evening snow showers will eventually taper to flurries and shut down overnight. Skies clear by first thing tomorrow morning leading to a sunny and less cold Wednesday. We will then take another step warmer Thursday but introduce more clouds.

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Hi: 27 Lo: 18

Scattered snow showers & flurries tapering off late; Gradually becoming mostly clear; Very cold; NW wind 10-20 mph gusting to 40;

Hi: 43 Lo: 20

Sunny; Not quite as cold by afternoon; NW wind 10-20 mph, AM gusts to 40 mph, diminishing late

Hi: 51 Lo: 33

Partly cloudy with increasing clouds Thurs. night; Not as cold; SW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 46 Lo: 29

Mostly cloudy; Daytime rain; Rain mixing with and changing to light snow late Fri. night

Hi: 41 Lo: 28

Mostly cloudy; Lingering morning light snow and flurries; Chilly

Further Out

Sunday - Sunny early with increasing late-day clouds; Remaining cool; Flurries or scattered snow showers possible late Sun. night; High in the mid 40s; Low in the mid 20s
Monday - Cloudy early with lingering flurries or snow showers; Decreasing afternoon clouds; Colder; High in the upper 30s; Low in the lower 20s

Forecast Discussion

Intense low pressure is moving into southern Quebec this evening heading north. The backwash of cold and moist air doesn't let up until tonight. Snow showers have already begun to taper to flurries this evening, and they will shutdown overnight yielding to clearing skies.

High pressure builds overhead Wednesday and moves off the coast Thursday afternoon. After a cold and windy start tomorrow morning the afternoon finishes less cold and windy. Thursday is another big step less cold as a milder southwest wind develops on the backside of the transitioning high.

Then it gets complicated. Low pressure develops in the northwestern Gulf tomorrow and slowly moves east eventually jumping to the Carolinas coast Saturday. Light rain develops Friday morning and continues through the day before mixing with and changing to snow in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Computer guidance is in disagreement regarding the speed of a trailing upper level feature moving east from the Mississippi Valley Saturday. We have cautiously excluded that slow option from the forecast cycle today. However, if it proves true Friday's rain will be delayed and continue into Saturday before changing over to snow late Saturday and continuing into Sunday. That would mean the weekend is a lot different than advertised. Stay tuned...

Either way, a clipper-type feature visits us from the north Sunday night dragging down colder air and brief snow showers or flurries Monday morning.


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