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Current Conditions

Temp: 61.7°F
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Warrensville , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Friday, July 31, 2015 at 11:46AM

Oh Yeah!

To celebrate a Blue Moon today (two full moons in the same month), we get clear skies and terrific weather. A front moved through Thursday night--the leading edge of dry, Canadian air. Dry air and great weather for outdoor activities are the primary story lines. As soon as you walk outside, you'll feel the difference. Today has the first 5x5 forecast this year (5-Golfballs for 5 days). Enjoy!

Voting for the Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar Photo Contest will begin very soon. We are choosing the finalists now.

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Hi: 81 Lo: 55

Sunny; Severely nice; NW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 82 Lo: 54

Lots of sunshine; Great day to be outside; NW wind 5-15 mph, gusty at higher elev's Sat night

Hi: 82 Lo: 54

Lots of sun; Light wind

Hi: 84 Lo: 56

Mostly sunny; Warmer

Hi: 85 Lo: 59

Still basking in sun; Warm

Further Out

Wednesday - Scattered PM clouds; Warm; A stray afternoon or nighttime t-shower possible; High in the mid 80s; Low in the lower 60s
Thursday - More clouds; Scattered showers & t-showers; High near 80 degrees; Low near 60 degrees

Forecast Discussion

The meteorology team at Ray’s Weather Center gets a nice break from any challenging weather forecasts over the next few days as we enjoy the benefits of Canadian high pressure settling over western North Carolina. A nearly stationary front running from the coastal Carolinas back southwestward into the interior Southeast will gradually wash-out over the next few days, keeping the local area in a very dry and stable environment.

This translates to bright sunshine, reduced humidity levels and overall fantastic weather to get outside and capitalize on those mid-summer activities.

And now, for the downside: Some areas are already in drought conditions, and this extended dry spell will only intensity the dryness. (See the Drought Monitor for the Southeast U. S..)

Looking ahead, isolated thundershowers will return to the forecast by next Wednesday. A cold front might get close enough to increase the coverage of PM showers and thunderstorms by next Thursday.


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