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Current Conditions
W. Jefferson

Temp: 48.2°F
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West Jefferson , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 6:52AM

Nice Travel Day

Travel day is mostly sunny and cool. The only point of concern is the potential for fog developing later tonight along the Blue Ridge. Thanksgiving day has lots of clouds but pleasant temperatures by late November standards. Fog will be even more of an issue Thursday night, especially right along the Blue Ridge where drizzle is possible. Black Friday is mostly cloudy with early Blue Ridge fog and temperatures a few degrees warmer.

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Hi: 49 Lo: 31

Mostly sunny day; More clouds tonight with Blue Ridge fog possible late; Seasonal temperatures; SE wind 5-10 mph, except 10-20 mph up top

Hi: 54 Lo: 39

Mostly cloudy with early fog possible; Nice temperatures for Thanksgiving; Fog Thur. night with drizzle possible; Light SE wind (but SE 10-20 mph up top)

Hi: 59 Lo: 41

Mostly cloudy with AM fog (Blue Ridge drizzle); Mild temperatures; Light South wind

Hi: 59 Lo: 43

Cloudy; Sprinkles or light showers possible in the afternoon & overnight; Continued mild

Hi: 52 Lo: 45

Cloudy & cooler; Periods of rain, mostly light

Further Out

Monday - Cloudy; Fog; Cool; Periods of rain, especially at night; High near 50 degrees; Low in the lower 40s
Tuesday - Cloudy with AM fog possible; Rain still possible; High in the lower 50s; Low in the upper 30s

Forecast Discussion

High pressure is centered near Nova Scotia but wedges southwestward across the Southern Appalachians. The "mild up" that began yesterday will stall today as a southeasterly flow develops. In this southeasterly flow, upslope Blue Ridge fog is possible later tonight.

We keep the southeasterly flow going Thursday. The west side of the Appalachians will see more sun than the east side, but temperatures are relatively pleasant across the entire region compared to what can happen Thanksgiving day weekend. Thursday night brings fog again especially along the Blue Ridge where drizzle is possible. Fog and drizzle remain possible into Friday morning.

Friday the flow becomes more southerly. Skies are mostly cloudy for Black Friday with even warmer temperatures.

The next front will struggle as it battles ridging in the Southeast. The front will limp through Saturday. Saturday has clouds and a continuation of mild temperatures. Rain, if any, will be fleeting and light--maybe sprinkles or a passing shower in the afternoon or Saturday night.

After Saturday's front, the next high in the Northeast U. S. will wedge down the east side of the Appalachians as low pressure approaches from the west. Sunday is cloudy and cooler with periods of mostly light rain. Monday is another step cooler with fog--continued clouds and more rain especially Monday night. Clouds, cool, fog, and rain will probably continue into Tuesday.

In summary... the next seven days have far more work for forecasters (to account for all the subtle details) than the impacts warrant.


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