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Photo for January 16, 2018

Jim Conrad is providing us a real Photo of the Day treat. Recent comparisons of this January with January 1977 reminded him of photos of a hang glider ride from the top of Grandfather to the Lake at Grandfather Country Club (froze by bitter cold) in 1977. Mr. Hugh Morton took photos of the event. The next three days will so a series of three photos: 1) Today, the takeoff atop Grandfather Mtn, 2) an in-flight photo, and 3) landing on the frozen lake. The date was Jan 23rd 1977. Tom Nisbet, Steve Coan, Gerald Steinmeyer, and Jim Conrad are the daredevil aviators. Jim says, "That's Steve holding the front, and me holding the left wing, while Gerald prepares to launch." (Sorry the images are yellowed. A better photo editor than I fix the yellowing.) Thanks Jim. Hope everyone enjoys the next three days.